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PHP Zip File Introduction

The Zip files functions allow you to read ZIP files.


For the Zip file functions to works on your server, these libraries must be installed:
Installation on Linux Systems
PHP 5+: Zip function and the Zip library is not enabled by default and must be downloaded from the links above. Use the --with the-zip=DIR configure option to include Zip support.
Installation on Windows Systems
PHP 5+: Zip functions is not enabled by defaults, so the php_zip.dll and the ZZIPlib library must be downloaded from the link above. php_zip.dll must be enabled inside of php.ini.
To enable any PHP extensions, the PHP extension_dir setting (in the php.ini file) should be set to the directory where the PHP extensions are located. An example extension_dir value is c:\php\ext.

PHP Zip File Functions

PHP: indicates the earliest version of  the PHP that supports the function.
zip_close()Closes an ZIP file4
zip_entry_close()Close an entry in the ZIP file4
zip_entry_compressedsize()Returns the compressed size of a entry in the ZIP file4
zip_entry_compressionmethod()Returns the compression method of a entry in the ZIP file4
zip_entry_filesize()Returns the actual file sizes of an entry in the ZIP file4
zip_entry_name()Returns the name of an entry in the ZIP files4
zip_entry_open()Opens an entry in the ZIP file for readings4
zip_entry_read()Reads from an open entry in the ZIP files4
zip_open()Opens a ZIP files4
zip_read()Reads the next entry in a ZIP files4

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