The people of Barisal city are facing severe acute panic in severe heat. But it is certainly not comparable to the situation of any sudden natural disaster. None of those who were supposed to do so long ago. None of the problems of drinking water by digging 1000 meters above ground level or dropping 1000 feet instead of 60 feet, the problem of water is not created overnight. Rather, all that can happen is that many

Earlier, the experts warned. But the responsibility of responsible people did not happen.

Although the water supply of two water treatment plants in the Barisal city is 3.20 million liters, in reality, when the life of the city dwellers is alive, still 18 million liters of water is being supplied. It's just more than half the capacity of the device. They do not have the courage to extend it even if they want this extreme time. Because they did not need to build the minimum required infrastructure for continuous or extended water supply. At least 17 overhead tanks are needed to get three million liters of water, but only seven are running. Now it is necessary to arrange accountability for concerned officials. Why did they not take any step to choose an overhead tank or another alternative to present the apology to the city dwellers, why have they been interrupted?

Eprothom Alo mockery, aspiring to use 'Allah's goods' theory as a shield in different sections of the government as a manifestation of watercolor. The reason is that the officials concerned have shown how far the level of underground water has dropped down. There is no profit in setting up more deep tube wells.

Paddy, river, canal - these three are Barisal. The townspeople will suffer from water shortage, it is a matter of regret. Cities and public authorities need to be motivated in the form of food, water, or ponds that can be effective in the life of the water. People have to be aware of. The tools needed to be reached at their fingertips. It is comforting that Barisal's new city administration is currently conducting a survey on water, which aims to take big projects to reduce watercourse.

We hope that this survey will end soon. The demand for time to change its opening line, only one-third of the daily supply of the city's water supply system is in progress. In the next 50 years, considering the extent of the city's potential of Barisal and its population, it is necessary to take suitable Megaprojects.