Now more people are aware of health than ever before. Yoga, going to the gym, exercises - all of these are now seen more than ever before. But it's all good, not even that. Increased awareness of health has increased, and there is increased awareness with half-awareness. People have done something like this to keep the body fit, the harm caused by the body of the body. According to experts, there is a problem with Chronic Cardio.
What is Chronic cardio? First of all, let's see what this cardiac cardio is. Chronic cardio is also known as a person's maximum heartbeat, which is aimed at continuing exercise or other exercise by keeping her 75 percent heart rate longer. Many people are seen walking in the tramway or running at the same speed in the hours when they are in the gym. Many people get the same exercise hours after hours of the same type of equipment at home. It also causes excess calories in the body to burn, but there are many types of stress on the body. Among them, the highest levels of pressure on the heart. It is not that the benefits of chronic cardio are not good, but now experts think that the amount of harm from the benefit is much more. How is it damaging you? How to harm: We all know cardio exercise is good for the body. This type of exercise for heart devices is very effective. But how long does this type of exercise affect the body? Chronic cardio, for a long time, leads the body to such a degree that the calorie burns for a long time in the body by doing cardiac exercise. But there are other types of complexity. When you are exercising a muscle in your body, how do you know whether the exercise is complete? Easy to understand muscle fatigue. Because, during muscle exercises, the muscles extend more than normal conditions and become tired. From the amount of fatigue you can understand, whether your muscles have proper exercise. But when you are doing cardiovascular surgery, this expansion does not extend to heart muscle. And his tiredness does not reach your brain as it does. There has been a problem in the body because of this cardio exercise for a long time. In the term of treatment, called atrial fibrillation. Which means your heartbeat will be irregular and faster than usual. And for this reason experts now think that nothing is nothing but Chronic Cardio wasted time. You are going to do cardio exercise to benefit, but the extra level of cardiovascular disease is reaching you in the hospital, which is not desirable in any way.