The Council of Gana Forum concludes with various dramatic cities. After the election of the party's presidency member and Sylhet-2 constituency in the eleventh parliamentary elections, the drama begins with the appointment of Mokbir Khan on the stage as a lawmaker who does not accept the decision of the Janforam. In the morning at the beginning of the council, the president of the Panorama. Kamal Hossain has expressed anger in front of the leaders and workers.

Party general secretary Mostafa Mohsin Montu apologized and apologized for the incident. Team training assistant secretary Rafiqul Islam has announced the departure of the party. In this situation, the rumor spread, Reza Kibria, the son of former Awami League's former Finance Minister Shah AMS Kibria, may come as the next General Secretary of the Janforma.

Eight years later, this special counsel has been the Gano Forum. President of Ganoforam presided over the day-long council in city's Gulistan city. Kamal Hossain. Kamal Hossain's meeting at the Mokbari Khan council meeting of Sylhet-2 constituency, which was sworn in as a member of the party, was adjacent to three seats. The leaders and activists continued to express anger after seeing him on the stage.

Eprothom Alo was not present in the council today, General Secretary of the group Mustafa Mohsin Montu He was told that he could not attend because he was ill. Asked about Mokuba Khan, Montu said in the first light, 'Most of our members were expressing anger about Mokbari (Khan). Today, he is able to tell us how he sat down (Dr. Kamal Hossain). I am personally sorry for this and apologizing to the nation. Do not expect such a stumble in the middle. It should be a solution. '

Meanwhile, the team's training assistant secretary Rafiqul Islam Parthik announced the departure of the party outside the meeting. He said in the first light, 'There is no such politics where there is such a dual position. He (Dr. Kamal) is not giving any clear statement on Mokbi's question. Sultan Mohammad Mansur and Mokuba Khan. Kamal's courage came to the parliament. Take the flowers and sweet in the afternoon at the residence of Mokbel Kamal Hossain. He did not give the flowers sweet again. "The traveler further said, after the pressure of the team, he dumped Mokuba from the chamber. Kamal Hossain has not been clearing his position, Pathak said, "You have failed to prove the democracy and democracy that you have fought for democracy. I will resign because of anger, sadness. '

In the last phase of the council, in front of the Chittagong Metropolitan General Secretary Jana Alam Mokbahir Khan, the present staff workers shouted 'Shame Shem'. Kamal Hossain and Mokuba Khan were both presents at the stage. But Kamal Hossain did not say anything about Mokbir in this council.

Sultan Mohammad Mansur MP from Moulvibazar-2 constituency from GanaForam took oath first, in the symbol of rice for the National UnityField. After that Mokuba Khan took oath on April 2.

Meanwhile, Reza Kibria said in the light of the party's general secretary, Kamal Hossain will take a decision after discussing with everyone.

As a reason to bring change in the general secretary's office, the central leader of the Ganoforam said in the first light on the condition of not disclosing the name, that the party has grown for a long time. Apart from this, Reza Kibria's communication is good and he feels skilled, many of the team.

Although there is a council today, no committee has been announced. Although the committee will be informed very soon, many leaders of the party say the current committee will last one year. There can be another council to be a new committee.