Find out 10 interesting information about people sleeping. How many people sleep in the house! But how much sleep a person needs? See the kind of sleeping people know how they are What is the difference between sleeping and other animals? Find out the fun ten information about sleep.

Want to sleep for everyone. All of the sleeping issues, how could sleep, scientists still not know all, but scientists know. Many of these daily tasks were able to know. Every mammal, bird and most snakes, amphibians, and fish all need sleep.

Find out 10 interesting information about people sleeping
The brain is recharged. Coronals have been repaired. The body is germinated from all hormones.

People's sleep needs to be aging

16 hours for children
10 hours for children aged 3-12.
13 hours for teens 13-18 years old.
8 hours for people 19-55 years old.
65 hours for people up to 6 hours
Sleep impairments are different. Paramania is such an impediment, while others do not sleep, but do some unusual movement. During this time crime was also organized, such as driving in sleep, killing, rape, torture on the child.

The dream is normal. Those who do not usually dream, they have impaired personality.

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The person who sleeps in that position determines his personality. Most people sleep in the kundalini. (41%)

They seem rude but in fact:

They have warm heart and openings. Those who sleep like solid wood, they are very much like a butterfly character. (15%) Those who sleep in a bed (13%) think they are open minds, but suspicious. Siege of the soldiers (8%) These are the conservative minds. Shower like fountains (7%) They are quite fluttering parties. Those who sleep in fish (5%) are very good.

One of the four married couples has a different sleeping suit.

The British soldiers first invented 36 hours of uninterrupted ways.

The mammals which sleep in the shortest time, such as Giraffe: 1.5 hours a day (5-10 minutes), Deer on the day: 3.09 hours a day, Asiatic elephant: 3.1 hours a day.

The mammals that sleep in the longest time, such as Koule: 22 hours a day, brown nuts: 19.9 hours, pangolin: 18 hours.

When dolphins sleep, only half of their brains sleep. The other part is awake and the breathing cycle runs.

Before being deprived of food, sleep deprived of death. Two weeks may die on hunger strike but after 10 days of dehydration, death comes to the leg.

The blind people also dreamed about dreams. Those who are born blind also dream; Feelings of emotions, sounds, smells, tangled dreams In the five minutes of awakening, 50% of the dreams are useless. Within 10 minutes, 90% of the dreams come from the mind. After one of the 50 teen juveniles grown up, they started urination during sleep.