Find out the nutritional quality of kettle. The scientific name of Karla Plant is Momordica charantia which is the Cucurbitaceae National Plant. Taste is bitter and its body is filled with worn wires.

In the tropical countries of the district of Diela For example - Asia, East Africa, Caribbean islands, South America. The Kerala tita, but the beneficial non-A-ka It has been used as a medicine for thousands of years in the Asia region. South American indigenous people have used diarrhea as diabetes, abdominal gas, measles and hepatitis medicines.

Find out the nutritional quality of kettle
Using reducing hypertension, malaria fever and headache. Dillah has two times more calcium than pulp and twice as much potassium than a collar. There is enough iron, plenty of vitamins A, Vitamin C and fiber. Vitamin A and Vitamin C antioxidants; Keeps old age, protects body cells. Reduces glucose absorption by diarrhea intraocular. More effective than diarrhea drugs to reduce blood sugar.

Many types of research have proved to be effective in treating diabetic diabetes. Approved die as herbal medicines for diabetes treatment in the Philippines. There are at least three components of diabetes that reduce diabetes in blood sugar. These are a quarantine, insulin-like peptides, and alkaloid.
Increasing the number of cells 'beta cells' of insulin emitting cells of Tita Della Fenna. So it is thought that emptying insulin from the Panella vanilla. Deena reduces insulin resistance. Karla Adenosine Monophosphate Enhanced Protein Enhancer enhances the ability to absorb sugar from body cells and increase blood sugar. The metabolism action of glucose inside the body cells also increases. As a result, blood sugar decreases.

The benefits of Kinnah
Reduces blood fat, triglyceride, but enhances good cholesterol, HDL, reduces blood pressure, crematories, virus killers-hepatitis A, herpes viruses, flu, etc. Also prevent cancerous-liver cancer, leukemia, melanoma, etc.

Laxative - Keeps the wicker soft, removes stiffness, plays a vital role in bacterial-especially e-cold-germs.