Exercise to keep the body healthy is important. It keeps body organs healthy. How important is exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease?

NTV regularly talked about the health everyday at 3408 in the program. Shafiqur Rahman Patwari.

He is currently working as Associate Professor of Cardiology Department of the National Heart Institute and Hospital.

Q: How important is exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease?

Answer: Suppose, coronary artery disease. The heart's blood vessels are blocked. The best way to prevent this disease is exercise. It is said, walking from five to seven days in 30 to 45 minutes increases heart work efficiency. Blood pressure increases blood flow, weight decreases; Reduce the risk of heart attack. Those who have a heart attack may also develop heart disease.
It is a little difficult to keep curly hair good. Many people will agree with this. Curly hair becomes easily dry and tie tightly. So this type of hair needs a little extra care.

Some suggestions on curly hair care lifestyle are Boldsky, a lifestyle website.

1. Massage

As the curly hair gets dry easily, massage the light hot oil before washing hair. It will reduce hair loss. At least one hour before shampoo will massage the hair with hair.

2. Do not wash too much

It is necessary to wash hair at least twice a week. Hair will become more dry due to the hair loss of its natural oil. Use light shampoo for hair washing.

3. Use of conditioner

Use conditioner after hair washing with hair shampoo to keep curly hair well. It will reduce hair loss and hair will be beautiful.
Coconut oil is beneficial for hair. And the lemon citrus fruit. With the help of coconut oil mixed with lemon juice, hair is hard to stain, and hair fall down.

How to use lemon juice to reduce hair loss, lifestyle website Femina says.

How to use it

Mix equal quantities of coconut oil and lemon juice. Then slowly slalp the mixture. After 15 to 20 minutes wash hair with light shampoo. Do not forget to do the conditioning after hair washing. Follow this procedure once a week. Use this for six weeks. It will help reduce hair fall.