Someone called him a dual-molecular molecule, and we call him a bizarre possibility and hope. In the last century, some of the discoveries that have exploded the world of science, among them, were DNA's structural arrangements. Today is April 25th World DNA Day. Only DNA data is used by technology to generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year in different countries of the world. In many cases, people need DNA to save information, DNA needs to improve the quality of food, know DNA information needed to use microorganisms or other bacteria commercially.

The question is why DNA is so important? What's in the DNA? DNA plays a major role in controlling all activities in any living cell. Dioxide ribbon nucleic acid (DNA) is a special type of bisector compound located in the nucleus of the bicuspid. The genes are inside the DNA. Each gene or some genes collectively control each part of the body. Genes usually work to make proteins, and proteins usually provide guidance on various physical activity. The collective information of all genes is called together in the genome. All activities of life from any organism to death are controlled by its genome or some chromosomes or by many genes. Since the discovery, all fields of science, philosophy, and arts, etc. have been stirred evenly, DNA. The multi-faceted development of different fields of life could not have played such a large role in the multiplicity of prosperity and no molecules. After a series of wonderful discoveries, DNA surrounds. Through its modification, refinement of life, the new wave of science has emerged in the eternal journey of science. A new branch of science has been created Of these, the most important and developed areas are undoubtedly genes engineering and modern biotechnology, which are called Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in the present world.

DNA changes due to various changes in genes such as cancer, thalassemia, Alzheimer's, and yes, hemophilia, and blood clots. For the proper reason for these diseases, research on the appropriate methods of diagnosis and the need for the discovery of antibodies is necessary for biotechnology-based research. Millions of diabetes in the world is saving the life of the patient. Insulin-like compounds Due to the discovery of the technology for the development of the DNA genome, the development of improved varieties of rice, the dream of finding salt-tolerant crops in flood.

Biotechnology will be utilizing the developed countries as one of the tools for development. The vast expansion of the biotechnology organization has ensured new employment for about 100,000 people in the United States. The total revenue from biotechnology products, including income from biotechnology and medical products and products, is approximately $ 300 billion, which is about 2 percent of the total GDP in the United States.

After the formation of the National Biotechnology Policy in Eprothom Alo2005, in just seven years in 2012, Malaysia has ensured employment of about 5000 people in the biotechnology sector. And the income from this sector is approximately 13 billion Malaysian currency. It is about 2.2 percent of the country's total GDP.

The question is, where is the position of Bangladesh in this case? The answer to this question can not draw very rosy images without some success. There is no chance of waiting for a long time even if the time is not gone at all. An alternative solution to combat our growing energy crisis can be to create energy from biochemistry through biotechnology. To increase the quality of food and change the taste, it is necessary to create special cell-enzymes called enzyme, to remove the complexity of the chemicals used in the textile industry, or to use micro-microorganisms to prevent the contamination of the skin-processing factory.

Most of the world's animals and plants are under the patent and intellectual property rights of different countries. Only by exposing the sequence of DNA or by the structural nature of different organisms in the DNA barcoding method, many countries make these their possession. After the success of Jute, Hilsa, Black Bengal Goat, our country will have to make such initiatives.

The government has to take initiative in this regard. The skills of biotechnology students have to be employed. This area has huge possibilities.