The national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam has alleged that Vice-Chancellor of the same university has made a statement by Siddharth Dey, a teacher of the same university. President of Bangabandhu Blue Seed of Awami-based Teachers Association of Siddhartha University. However, the teachers of Bangabandhu Blue team gave their confidence to Siddhartha for giving a speech to the Vice-Chancellor.

Nazrul Islam, Vice President of Bangabandhu Blue Party, said in the first light that the father of Vice Chancellor AHM Mostafizur Rahman was martyred in the 1971 liberation war. Vice-Chancellor and President of the Siddharth Dey have made a statement about the martyred freedom fighter father. In protest, the members of the executive committee of Bangabandhu Blue Committee expressed their confidence in Siddhartha. In his chairmanship, the decision was made that the teachers of the blue team would not participate in any other meeting. Of the total 17 members of the executive council, 13 were signed on Tuesday's meeting. The rest were absent in the meeting.

Most of the teachers of the university said that the student poet of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University was recently appointed as the student advisor of computer science and engineering department Sujon Ali. In this, the teacher of Fine Arts department and Siddharth Dey, president of Bangabandhu Nil Group, became angry with the Vice-Chancellor. Siddharth De was eager to be appointed as a student adviser. On April 17, the appointment of Sujan Ali was finalized by Vice Chancellor AHM Mostafizur Rahman. The next day, on April 18, Siddharth De found out about the appointment. On that day the Vice Chancellor did not attend the university. Later, Siddharth Das called the Treasurer a mobile phone and commented on the Vice-Chancellor. At one stage, the Vice-Chancellor said the father of the freedom fighter, Siddhartha Dia.

Eprothom Alo Treasurer Jalal Uddin said in the first light, 'VC was not in the university on 18th April. According to the rules I was the acting Vice Chancellor. In the morning, Siddharth Dey telephoned me and made a statement against the Vice Chancellor. He said these words because he was not appointed as a student adviser.

Siddharth De, however, denied the allegation. He said, 'I did not comment. Besides, I do not know whether anyone from the Bangabandhu Blue Party has given me any confidence or not. Since I am the president, so I do not think there can be no meeting without me. '