Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the government has no pressure on any issue of BNP. BNP MP who took an oath said the pressure of the local people. There is no pressure or any government to revive BNP's politics. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has no reason to press the government to release the parole. Because whether or not the parole will be free, it depends on the request of the convicted person. But no application has been received in this regard. The Prime Minister said it is understandable that the birth of BNP is where BNP is like gold jewelry Looks nice but there is no root.

About the party, the Prime Minister said, Awami League tempered party I do not think there are beneficiaries or infiltrators in this group. He said some people will come, it is normal in politics.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this at a press conference at Ganobhaban on Friday afternoon. At the end of the tour of Brunei, he came to the press conference to highlight different aspects of the tour. At the beginning of the press conference, in the Brunei tour, he wrote a written statement on various aspects of agreement, negotiation, and tour. Then he responded to the questions of the reporters of the hours.
Responding to a question, Sheikh Hasina said, "I do not understand what the BNP is about to revive in politics. The government is not pressing on any issue of BNP. A member of their group has sworn. For this reason why the government can put pressure on him. The MP himself has said that he has taken the oath because of the pressure of the people. "Regarding the release of BNP chairperson on parole, the government said," There is nothing to do with the government here. To apply for parole. But no application has been received till now. There is nothing to free our parole here. "He said, BNP is a political party. They manage the team in their decision. Here's the decision of the BNP. Why the government will be under pressure?

Responding to a question asked by the beneficiaries in the Awami League, the party's president asked the journalist about the list of such leaders. He said, Awami League leaders and activists have been agitating whole life, have suffered hardships. If you have a little better now, what is the fault? He said, not the Awami League, the people of the country are good. When the Awami League comes, the people of the country improve.

There is concern about militancy-fears

Responding to the queries of the journalists, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "There is always a reason to be concerned about militancy-terrorism in Bangladesh. But it is in control. The government and law enforcement agencies are working. But first of all, the participation of the common people must be ensured. Terrorist attacks are happening in places like New Zealand. There the Christians have been there Muslims in Sri Lanka For this reason I say, there is no religion of militancy. There is no country. Everyone should be vigilant against them.

Foreign organizations will also have to bear the responsibility of Rohingyas in the monsoon season

India, Russia, Japan, and China want solutions to the Rohingya crisis, but they do not have a strong role in this, the Prime Minister admits, "We wanted to take the Rohingyas to the vasankarara. But they do not want to go. I can not stress. Foreign companies and voluntary organizations also do not want to leave Cox's Bazar. Wants easy travel That is why they do not want to leave Cox's Bazar. Whereas Rohingya could have been better if they were taken to Vashankar. Their lives would not have been so inhuman.

He said Rohingya youths are unemployed. It is not good to be unemployed. Then many thoughts come to mind. They are easily bound to militancy. Can be used.

Now time is online

Responding to a question about the bad times of the media, especially the paper, the Prime Minister said, now the demands of the era of demand or technology are online newspapers. Large magazines have been closed in many countries of the world. They are now online only. The paper does not release the magazine.

Broadcast Media said, 'Many are applying for television. I said give it. This will make the job market bigger. '

Have fun with 100 days of government

The Prime Minister said, 'Some people say that the government has 100 days of Nirananda Have fun here. And the government has not been working for 100 days. He said Awami League alone is one hundred percent for the welfare of the people.

He said, 'Those who suffer in silence, they find solitude. I know all of them. I have no strangers. '