After the fire went to the F. Towers. I wanted to understand why there are incidents of a repeated fire occurring, where is the mistake of ours? On April 3, the architectural department of BUET Professor SM Nazmul Imam, Ashik Mohammad Joardar, visited our building with others including Muhammad, our associate. We review the accident-related FT Tower building in a very neutral manner.

We walk in the second basement of the building and look at the technical aspects of 24 floors from the floor. Later, with the help of a smart colleague Abu Tayeb Mohammad Shahjahan, we tried to understand the situation arising out of the fire through the computer model (Fire Dynamic Simulation). Perhaps the first fire alarm analysis of firefighting in Bangladesh has been supported by the Dynamic Simulation.

We make a technological arrangement of the whole phenomenon in the public interest and I think it is necessary to express some of the information that I have found with the public. As the matter was technically presented to make it easy for the general public.

1. The reason for the fire and the fire

Eprothom Alo fire is based on three elements: a. Combustible substances, b. Oxygen and c. Heat This is called asteroid (fire triangle). If none of these three are present, there will be no fire. The amount of combustible substances in one place per square meter is fire or fire load at that place. On the eighth floor of the F. T. Tower, there was a large number of combustible substances, such as paper, plastic, furnishings, combustible foils, ceilings, carpets, curtains, etc. In all, there was a high level of fire, along with the fatal risk of fire. On the day of the incident, the hydrocarbons are completed by adding heat to one of the ways.

2. Fire and open stairs in the building

When any combustible material is burned in the fire, it can not be completely burned in a lot of time, which is called incomplete combustion and the resulting smoke. This smoke is driven to the top of the air because it is less than the wind-it first moves towards the roof of the house, then horizontally moves towards an open space, such as windows, open stairs or a gap. The smoke goes upstream with the open stairs of the F. Towers, so the stairs users are also infected. The consuming gas carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide gas and hydro-evaporated smoke reaches the upper chamber, the deficit is oxygenated. Therefore, another special aspect of fire-proof buildings design is to prevent or restrict the transmission of smoke through architectural design.

3. Fire extinguishers/emergency exit stairs

Fire-ladder staircase is a staircase that can fire any one or more floors of the multi-story building, but all the users of the building can use it safely to save lives out of the building. It is bound by brick or concrete wall, a staircase made with general construction materials, but the entry door should be fireproof, at least one to two hours of fire extinguishers. The doors of this door, threshold, handle or panic bar, door hinge and door doors will be of the same fire. High-pressure air is provided by the electrified fan attached to this stairway, so that the fire or the smoke may not enter the entrance door open.

4. Arrangements for people with disabilities in multi-storied buildings

Disabled people can fall down in an emergency in the building using a special type of chair with the help of others. This special chair is called 'Ladder landing chair'.

5. Multiple owner or tenant and building management

Since building management and maintenance are technical, the building management company has overall responsibility in all developed countries. These companies are in charge of the contract with the owners. They should decide when to fire the wheels when the machines should be maintained, whether or not everything is properly arranged according to the building code.

6. The glass walls of another risk!

Safety laminated glass is usually used in multi-storied buildings, which can be broken even when it breaks and splits into very small pieces. In our country, there is no policy in this regard, in almost all the buildings common glass has been used. When these glasses break easily in the heat of the fire or in the earthquake, the glasses come in large pieces from the top of the soil to the ground, due to the attraction of the force of gravity and a terrible situation arises.

7. Fire extinguishers at high-level building

Majority of Dhaka's buildings cannot be called Syria, they are called the mid-ride. Fire brigade ladder cannot be fired by fire if there is a fire on 50 to 100 floors or above. The automated fire extinguishers employed in the building are used for fire extinguishers, such as hit sensors, smoke sensors, gas sensors, water sprinklers, foam, automatic smoke vents, fire screens, wet rises, etc. It is not necessary to build multi-storied buildings for the purpose of ensuring the maximum use of land or land without excluding this safety management.

8. Those who have survived and do the next task

Those who have gone through such a horrific experience, it is not very unusual to have a traumatic injury. So it is very important to look at them. Their families, colleagues, and friends now need to spend time with them or spend time with them. The government's concerned ministry or division can take action in the public interest.

9. Move the accident site and injure the injured people

The person injured in such an incident